Robotic Dog Early Simulation Model

Hi , 
We are working on our AI Robotic Dog. Due to covid19 scenario, we are working from home on software part.

We are testing some new concepts for this 12 DOF robotic dog. If all things works good, It will be very easy to make our robot learn new behaviors.

It is very early to show what have been achieved so far. After some successful functioning test, we will  work on hardware designs. I will keep posting here, before it goes on official site.

Update 6 July 2020

So far everything is good. We made a controller software running on API mode with a simulator. 
Concept is to feed the robot with different behaviors and make it learn from them.

Roll Testing of Robotic Dog

Stability Testing on Test Arena

Update 10 July 2020
Walking Type 1 - Test of Robotic Dog on simulator

Update 12 July 2020
Robotic Dog Running Test
Today we tested running of our robotic dog in simulator. 
We were not expecting this performance in simulation. During a hexapod development we have 
to switch to real hardware due to simulator limitations. But this time we made some settings 
and it worked fine!!
Robotic Dog Quadruped Running Test

COG rotation of Robotic Dog

Robot rotation around it's center

Robotic Dog Fast Rotation around axis and running

Update 19 July 2020
Robotic Dog Steering Well - Running and Changing Directions


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